Druckin It Old School at The Rainbow Bar & Grill

Where's Hendrix? 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy... (kissthisguy.com)

How much do I LOVE the Rainbow Bar & Grill? Let me count the ways.

1. The building is ancient, with confusing carpet and random staircases that seem to lead nowhere. It’s like Hogwarts, with adult beverages. But instead of an owl or a ferret popping out to give you a message, it might just be the ghost of Jim Morrison or John Bonham. Which brings me to reason #2.

2. Given it’s longstanding (1972) relationship with legendary Sunset Strip music venues — it’s next door to the Roxy and screeching guitar distance from the Doors favorite, the Whiskey a Go Go — this place ROCKS. Literally. The walls are covered with signed albums and pictures of Slash and Sam Kinison and Rodney Druckin Dangerfield. (!!!)

Rodney, Slash and Axl on the left. Spiderman looking drunk and AWESOME on the right.

3. The crowd. Everyone from young pierced people with Rainbow Bright hair to a Donatella Versace look-alike to whom I must GIVE IT UP. She looks like she’s slept with every Rolling Stone and partied like a ROCK STAR. Peace OUT, sister.

4. A uniquely Los Angeles lack of pretension. When LA does this — at places like Bird’s, Cafe 101, etc. — it does it supremely well. The Rainbow Bar & Grill serves yummy-but-greasy pizza, watery looking pasta and HORRIBLE coffee. They told my pal that they don’t make mojitos, even though they clearly have the ingredients. LOVE.

Please go and keep this tribute to kicking it old-school alive! And if a dead drummer pops out at you as you wind your way up and down kaleidoscope-carpeted stairs to the bathroom, don’t say your mother didn’t warn you.

John Bonham. Looking like Charles Manson.



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2 responses to “Druckin It Old School at The Rainbow Bar & Grill

  1. JT

    Love it already, the U-shaped tables remind me of the Green Mill in Chicago…did Al Capone hang out at The Rainbow too??

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