Not so Druckin Haute in WeHo

Went to a ‘networking’ event last night at Haute on Robertson in WeHo, and I haute this place. (And I haute myself for making that joke. But there it is.) Just down the street from some of LA’s chic-est boutiques on tony Robertson Blvd, Haute is a loud, nightclubby nightmare. But let me tell you how I really feel. Did I mention that even their website is annoying?

Lord, it's the Devil. Will you look at him?

To be fair, it’s not Haute’s fault that the event planner chose a noisy nightclub for a networking event, something akin to holding Grandma’s birthday party at a Sex Pistols concert. But after I circled the place for half an hour looking for parking ($10 to valet), and paid $12 for a sad little vodka/grapefruit, not even the funky furnishings nor flattering light could sway me from believing that this place is Haute because it’s the fifth circle of Hell. (Last pun. Maybe.)

Luckily, all was gay as usual over at one of my fave LA places, The Abbey, directly across the street.

The equal opportunity Abbey. Saints and sinners are both welcome.

Such a friendly crowd, cute-as-a-button bartenders, a cozy indoor/outdoor space with a courtyard and a fab fireplace — LOVE. A little craziness when they asked me to go to the bakery to get coffee ($2.95), then to the bar for a shot of Bailey’s ($9). But maybe worth it for a glimpse of that gorgeous red velvet cake with peaks of whipped white chocolate frosting, yes please.

Awesome pal Ari snacked on sliders in the cutest little pretzel buns ever (cute buns everywhere you look) and a holy handful of SKINNY fries. So if you find yourself in this WeHo ‘hood, skip the hellacious Haute and bask in the Abbey’s heavenly light. And if you’re a mediabistro event planner, have you heard of the Culver Hotel? (Midget orgies not included, but definitely encouraged.)



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2 responses to “Not so Druckin Haute in WeHo

  1. Did I mention the sliders were scrumptious? I might just make Abbey my neighborhood hangout. And if I decide I’ve always been wrong about slimy girl parts, then so much the better.

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