You’re So Druckin Golden

Can you see a face? (Lettuce eye, bacon tongue.) Do I need therapy?

Whatever else this Golden State burger might be, it’s druckin delicious. LOOK how it glistens. I love Jonathan Gold’s LA Weekly review so much that I won’t even attempt to improve it. Be sure you have a napkin nearby to catch the drool:

“The burger, made with aged Harris Ranch beef, blanketed with cheese from the Central Valley’s Fiscalini, often considered the best cheddar in America, garnished with bacon and cooked to a dripping, bloody rare if that’s the way you like it, is among the best in Los Angeles.”

Okay. Clearly, A++ for the burger. However, my sweet potato wedges came with a teensy weensy little ramekin of rather unappetizing aioli (was that a skin on top?) and I’ve decided that when it comes to fries, many skinnies trumps fewer wedgies.  Delightfully crispy vs. unpleasantly mealy. Winner: SKINNY.

And awesome new pal Jim was served a batch of cold (tepid would be too much credit) fries. EW. (Not that this prevented me from helping him finish them, because I’m a giver).

We did not try the beer float — yep, you read that correctly — but I’m intrigued by it, in spite of the fact that beer to me is but a frat-house stopover on one’s way to the palatial estate that is vodka:

Is ice cream in beer an idea worth floating?

Beer float, the menu says. One scoop + Old Rasputin beer on draft. Um… gross, I think? Feel free to weigh in. As for me (and I think I can safely speak for pal Dave, as well), I’ll stick with Old A&W. Or Virgil’s, if I’m feeling fancy.

Golden State Cafe is in Los Angeles/Hollywood, across the street from Canter’s on Fairfax, a few doors down from Mr. Pizza and the Dime. Everything is CA sourced (hence the name) and they offer luscious looking gelato — including an interesting brown bread flavor — for dessert and floating purposes.

So go! The burgers alone are worth the trip. But if someone offers you a wedgie, in the Golden State or anywhere else, just say NO.



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2 responses to “You’re So Druckin Golden

  1. Yum. Debra I am with you, hate those wedge fries, you have to come over and try my skinny garlic fries (only 200 calories a serving), I made them last night with a grilled Angus burger and 100 calorie whole wheat bun. (I know shouldn’t have done that on “meatless Monday” oh well).

    • debra

      YUM skinny garlic fries! and they are truly skinny b/c they have less calories — what’s the secret? you can only eat three? 😉

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