The Avalon Hotel Bar is Druckin Sweet

The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills has a swanky bar, popular with industry swells (thanks in part to the nearby William Morris Agency) and other folks who can afford to spend $14/drink.  But this boutique hotel doesn’t define luxury in a pretentious, self-consciously spendy way. (I love you anyway, Four Seasons Beverly Hills).

It’s more of a sunny, unhurried, we-live-this-way-because-we-can kind of way. You know. The LA way.

Your cabana or mine?

I love the reflection in the pool, and the way that the humanoid looking creature standing at the far right has only the merest suggestion of a head. Paging David Hockney. This pool is ready for its close-up.

Sadly, when I was there last week, it was raining. (No poolside drinks for this Mother Drucker.) As I made my way from Bar Oliverio (indoors) to the weird afterthought of a ladies’ room (outdoor/indoor), I could see rain dancing on the surface of the pool, dampening the enthusiasm of the meticulously hair-gelled crew of young lads gathered in one of the cabanas.

MY enthusiasm for this Elixir martini, however, is rock-solid:

Tiny picture, big flavor.

Made with cucumber-dill vodka, lime and white cranberry, this yummy cure-all (see the healthy cucumbers? it’s like a spa in a glass!) goes down so smoothly that before you know it, you’ve had three. (Or seven. But who’s counting?)

And since you’ve now spent $110 on drinks alone (incl tax/tip), you have no money left, and no way to get your drunk-ass home. Luckily, Bar Oliverio has thoughtfully provided luxurious white leather banquettes upon which to sober up/take a nap. A colorful, all-ages crowd of people worth watching, friendly servers and an inviting, Italian-influenced menu complete the picture.

Got a case of the Mondays? (Who doesn’t, sheesh.) Here’s your prescription: go to the Avalon Hotel, take two Elixirs and comment in the morning.



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6 responses to “The Avalon Hotel Bar is Druckin Sweet

  1. Tom Burns

    I love that hotel. They really take good care of guests and always go above/beyond the call of duty setting up special requests.
    I have not, however, tried an Elixir.

    • debra

      well YOU sir, are overdue!! 🙂 they are, in fact, magically delicious. let me know next time you’re in LA and i’ll even buy ya one! thanks for reading!

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