A Fine Time to Be a Mother Drucker

Hey little Druckers, it’s been awhile. The original Mother Drucker was in town for the weekend and it was awesome! Here, some highlights:

Who's your fry daddy?

These are the infamous fries at Church & State Bistro downtown, golden and crispified in a hot bath of lard and peanut oil. (Wonder if that combo would make my hair soft and silky like Katt Williams…) We shared a decadent, yet delicate, onion and gruyere tart on a crisp flatbread crust and a luxuriously fromage-filled mac n cheese of the creamy, not custardy, variety. And those were just the appetizers.

Next day, we popped over to the Huntington Library in Pasadena, where we ate pie for breakfast (my mom said it was okay!), tiptoed through the tulip gardens and said yo to this little homey:

Gainsborough's 'The Blue Boy.' Funny, he doesn't look sad...

Followed by a tres Hollywood party attended by these pretty people:

He has a lot of hair, and there's not a lot of her. Anywhere.

Thanks to awesome pal Heather over at dem dere Belle Gray, these lucky celebrities got to rub elbows with the ORIGINAL (and still the best) Mother Drucker. SCORE.

On Saturday, we tried to get into the first inaugural LA Street Food Fest, which was a world-class clusterdruck:

Paging Taste of Chicago planners -- your help is urgently needed here.

Two hour line to get in. Two hour line to get food. As awesome pal Chi said, any roach coach hawking plain ol’ tacos could’ve pulled up right next to the line and made BANK. After $8 to park and one hour in line, we left and spent the beautiful, 80° day in Hermosa Beach. Better luck next year, LASFF!

Finally, I took her to my ImprovOlympic class, where she heard WAY more about my sex life than she probably feels comfortable with, followed by this, at Hollywood’s Arclight Theaters Cinerama Dome:

Kinda have a girl-crush on the bad-ass blue alien. Truth.

The 3-D glasses over her contacts made poor Mother Drucker woozy, and after all this activity she was probably ready for a three-hour nap, anyway. I have to confess that I didn’t hate this super-predictable movie. But I’m not going to go out and buy the lunchbox, either.

In summary, I took my mom to a street festival we couldn’t get into, and a movie that made her sick. But other than that, huge success! I am unbelievably lucky to have a mother who loves me so much, whom I adore. You are MY celebrity guest, Mom. And a beautiful Valentine, to boot. Come back soon!


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