Druckin Birds, Bartender Bob and Being Batsh!t Crazy

Sometimes, the best way to say something is to let someone else say it for you. This is what a Yelper had to say about Birds Cafe/Bar in Hollywood: Kind of divey, totally delicious, always full of celebs on the DL, frickles are to die for. Now, I have never had a frickle, but I think we can safely assume it’s a fried pickle, not a French fickle person nor some poor creature’s fried freckle.

And sometimes, the best way to SHOW something is to let someone else take a picture for you, in this case, Birds’ own website:

A bird in the hand is worth two morning hangovers.

I just realized, after YEARS of drinking here, that they call it Birds because they serve juicy rotisserie chicken with fancy dippin’ sauces. (Bit slow on the uptake, me.) It’s next door to some fancier places I’d love to try sometime, like La Poubelle and Prizzi’s Piazza, as well as the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater (Amy Poehler‘s an alumnus), the world’s slowest café (Bourgeois Pig) and a funky card shop/newstand called Daily Planet.

And this whole little strip embodies the low-key, artsy vibe of Beachwood Canyon, just northeast of Hollywood proper, across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre on Franklin. (Haven’t seen Tom Cruise there yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking!)

From a blog called Formerly Fooled and Finally Free From The Deceptive Cult Called Scientology.

I did see this pretty lady at Birds on a random Tuesday night:

Lost her pants and her little dog, too.

And for the record she was BEAUTIFUL, shorter than me (HA!), seemed perfectly capable of controlling her bodily functions and was not at all fat. I will say she looked miserable (this was during her brief John Mayer interlude) and spent a lot of time staring silently at her phone as if willing it to ding or ring or fold itself into an origami crane or whatever phones do these days to let you know that SOMEBODY out there loves you.

As a serial dater myself (who apparently likes Froot Loops), I feel for ya, sister. Thank goodness we’ve got the friendly bartenders at Birds, especially Bob whom I adore, always ready with a warm smile and a cold bottle of vodka. Last night they had the whole place cheering for a wedding proposal. It was nice! And the last thing you’d expect at a ‘Hollywood hotspot.’

Finally (long post, I know!) my mom — the ORIGINAL recipe Mother Drucker with all 11 herbs and spices — is coming to town for the weekend. (What is UP with all the chicken jokes, Drucker?) So odds are, I won’t be back here til Monday. Have a great President’s Day Weekend! Xenu loves you!


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