Beautiful Pictures, Sucky Druckin Nachos

WARNING: The following photo is technically NQSFW. (Not Quite Safe For Work. But it should be. Because it’s drucking BEAUTIFUL. Ed.)


This gorgeous picture was taken by my amazing friend Nikola Tamindzic, who worked with me as a designer at a doomed dot-com in the late nineties.

Nikola immigrated to the States as an adult, and after a brief stint in Chicago (see above), turned his abundant charm and zero need for sleep into a career as New York’s premier nightlife photographer, taking snaps of the beautiful, the famous, and the famously beautiful.

He’s been written about in The New York Times, PHOTO, The British Journal of Photography, and other high profile publications. His book comes out in 2010. And he’s barely even 30.

His achievements awe and inspire me, and remind me that this IS the land of opportunity, no matter what the haters say.

I, however, born here and with every conceivable advantage, turned out some NASTY, soggy nachos yesterday and some fairly cute Colts cookies:

Not my cookies. Any resemblance to actual cookies, eaten or uneaten, is purely coincidental.

It was a Colts party at the D&C Ranch, so there were some long faces yesterday, but congrats to the Saints on their big win. (“And Breesus said, who dat believeth in him…”) If you want to read about Scott Fujita — a very special Saint — check it. Love. Him.

But if you want to make nachos, or make it in America, probably best not to ask your Mother. Those of you who voted for cake knew exactly what you were doing.



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2 responses to “Beautiful Pictures, Sucky Druckin Nachos

  1. That is an amazing picture and the cookies don’t look too bad either. “And breesus said”…now that’s funny!

    • debra

      thanks sugar! yes, breesus loves me. in fact, i think we should change the corp speak from ‘come to jesus meetings’ to ‘come to breesus.’ doesn’t sound quite as serious!! 🙂 thinking of you with a big smile! xd

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