Taking a Druckin Vote

I know that I owe y’all a Cat & Fiddle post, or as I like to call it, the Owl & the Pussycat. I also should write about my recent orgasmic three-course meal at BLD. Oh, and my super funny stand-up comic pal Mike Black. Him too. (Hottie Prison, a film by Mike Black, coming to a virus-laden pornsite near you.)

But I got Super Bowl fever, and the only cure is nachos, cookies, cake, or cowbell. Since my Bears aren’t in it this year (nor even close), my focus shifts snackward.

Spicy sausage black bean nachos. Can I get an amen?

I’m lucky enough to be attending not one but TWO parties (POPULAR!) and I want to bring something good enough to be forgiven if I drink too much vodka, step in the salsa (whilst dancing on the table) and proceed to leave a trail of tomato-blood footprints on the white shag carpet. So we’ve got nachos, OR:

Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. And why not?

I like cake. I like peanut butter cups. I fear nut allergies. And my hostess isn’t the biggest chocolate fan. That said, these look amazing:

PB Coco Chipster. Also my name in prison.

So for the first time in Mother Druckin history (drum roll) I put it to YOU!! I’m a little nervous that this will result in the realization that no one has voted, therefore I am NOT popular and will have to drown my sorrows in vodka, nachos, cake and cowbell. Alone. Drunk. Fat. And rejected by my fellow inmates at Hottie Prison.

So please vote. (But no pressure.)


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One response to “Taking a Druckin Vote

  1. Christelle

    I’m putting your cookies on my (somewhat long and getting longer) “things to see, t0uch and eat before I die” list right now… and that list is only for food 😉 You seem to be awfully creative with those yummy baked goods!

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