Cafe 101 is Druckin Great, Open Late

Hot. Damn.

To me, the essence of Hollywood is looking cool without really trying, which is why you often see celebs who simply can’t be bothered to bathe. The 101 Coffee Shop, next to a funky Best Western Hotel and right off the 101 freeway (hence the name), has this principle down to a science.

The menu boasts all the usual suspects, like meatloaf, silver dollar pancakes and egg creams, plus SoCal specials like the vegan No Huevos Rancheros — a scramble of tofu, soy chorizo, corn and peppers. Real coffee drinks! (Mochas, cappuccinos, etc.)

And it might actually preempt the Ivy as the best place in LA to spot the rich, the famous, the hungry. (A lot cheaper, too.) I’ve seen this lady there, looking effortlessly beautiful:

Hosting (hoisting?) the Golden Globes. From inside her dress.

It feels weird to write deep thoughts under Aisha’s beautiful buhzooms, but I just want to say that a very important person came back into my life at 101 last night, and it feels SO GOOD. She’s an amazing writer, mother and friend, and I’m not going to let her get away from me again. (Which is why she is currently in the trunk of my Jetta. Shhhhh…..)

In case you’re curious, here’s a snap of the 101’s interior, it may look familiar as it appears in countless films and commercials:

Open til 3 am, and calories don't count if you can't remember consuming them.

If you live in LA, you’ve probably already been to the 101. If you don’t live here, next time you’re in town, skip the shower and head straight there. And if you have a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile and you’re scared of what reaction you’ll get, sack up and give that homey a call.

It’ll be cool. I promise.


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