Wine, Women & The Druckin Danish

I am perfectly willing to accept the fact that in spite of my purely hedonistic foodie leanings, I’m nobody’s James Beard. In fact, in the immortal words of Katy Perry, I gave Spam a whirl, and I liked it. Corn dogs preempt duck confit in my culinary hit parade. In other words, I’m a Philistine.

So it comes as no surprise that though I like wine just fine, my usual philosophy is that liquor’s quicker. (Right?!) But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love me some wine tasting.

One for the road.

Spent a lovely weekend in Solvang thanks to my AMAZING party-planner pal — we’ll call her Perkie. If you aren’t familiar with Solvang and the Santa Ynez Valley, it’s 2-3 hours northeast of LA and a world away. If you aren’t familiar with the movie Sideways, I feel sorry for you. FIX IT. We stayed at this adorable, gingerbread hotel:

Hurry. We're having Hansel and Gretl for dinner.

Perkie found a kindly local driver to take us on a five-winery tour, planned down to the tenth of a second. When ’12-12:14 pick up sandwiches’ didn’t work out, we fell behind, and arrived at this hideousness a little late. Avert your eyes if necessary.

Looks like New Zealand. Smells like Napa. Tastes like chicken.

We visited Foley, Melville, Demetria (above) and Rusack wineries. Solvang was settled by Danes around 1804, so we also hit up a Danish bakery. Or two. I loved that our hotel was on Attadag Street! (Because I have a very dear friend named Dag, and I like to encourage him.)

We did NOT get to try the world-famous tri-tip sandwich at Cold Spring Tavern, which is reason enough to re-visit the Santa Barbara area, in spite of all the crime and human detritus.

You. Are. So. Beautiful. To me.

So even though I may be highly unsophisticated, tend to dribble on myself and don’t drink wine good, I had a FANTASTIC time and can’t wait to go back. Thanks for letting me come along for the ride, Perkie! You are a force of nature.

And thanks for all the kind words yesterday, everyone! You guys mean the world to me.



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2 responses to “Wine, Women & The Druckin Danish

  1. What a beautiful shot of the Demetria winery. I want to go! I remember the first time we drove through Los Olivos, it was sooo beautiful in the spring.

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