Funny Druckin Dinner Party

Have you played this game, Apples to Apples? All you really need to know is that I SUUUUUCK at it. Like, a group of 1st graders could kick my butt. (Come to think of it, that’s exactly what happened last night.)

Had a delicious dinner at the gorgeously appointed D&C Ranch in the hills of Beverly, and with such a smart group of kids (see above), plus a pack of wild dogs in attendance, the hits just kept coming.

"I eat cranberries like you for breakfast."

I wish I’d had a camera to capture the buttery sautéed zucchini, the perfectly grilled steaks or the curiously addictive Parmesan-crusted tomato slices, not to mention that HANDLE OF VODKA (!!!) my hosts so graciously had on ice. But alas.

What I DO have, however, is this hysterical Walmart commercial, thanks to awesome pal Richard:

I actually LOLd, which OMG I never druckin’ do. I’m not sure what this says about me, that I find a clown in agony so amusing, and that I can’t win ONE STUPID ROUND of a game for ages 6 and up. All I can say is I’ll do better next time. See you at the Superbowl, suckers!

"I too am also fierce."



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2 responses to “Funny Druckin Dinner Party

  1. John

    I absolutely love, and I mean love in the most passionate sense, this commercial. I think it is my disdain for Clowns. What creeps. I hope he cries as hard as the poor defensless children that he torments. Happy Friday!

    • debra

      i do love it with a fiery, perverse passion. kind of like i love you!! 🙂 thanks so much for reading! and keep the comments coming; it makes me look popular!

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