Druckin Dine LA. It’s BAAAACK!

I suppose even our Great Recession (as I recently saw it called) has its perks. One of them is dineLA Restaurant Week, where normally snooty restaurants offer a prix fixe menu, which fools cocktail lovers like me into thinking that I can use the money I save to drink more and still come out ahead. (Note I said FOOLS.)

Kind of like the idea that exercise allows you to EAT more.  (See this oft-forwarded Time Magazine article that pushed me off the treadmill and into the produce aisle.)

dineLA offers three-course lunch and dinner menus at a plethora of fancy-pants eateries, priced from $16 to $44. I’ve always wanted to try BLD Restaurant in WeHo, and they are bargain priced at $26 BDE. (Before Drinking Ensues.)

Take your date to BLD. Look like top banana.

I simply cannot find an acceptable picture of ANY of the courses (what UP, Flickr peeps!) but here are some tasty banana and nutella crepes, just to tease you. (BLD’s actual dineLA menu is here.) And my pal over at Pocket Lint wrote this mouthwatering BLD post and even took a PICTURE. Some writers are multi-talented, apparently.

As always, if you go — to any of the dineLA events or anywhere, really — let your Mother know. She misses you!



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5 responses to “Druckin Dine LA. It’s BAAAACK!

  1. Christelle

    Wow. Crepes that look like this are meant to be eaten by me. No doubt. How funny, I recently read the Time article you mentioned after googling “working out undermines weight loss” or something like that. Working out definitely makes me want to eat more crepes au Nutella, that’s for sure!

  2. Christelle

    omg, I was told about that place on Sawtelle several years ago, but I guess it was before the nazi era! Those are some strange (and yes, pretty intriguing too) reviews! Thanks for the link!

  3. Nicole

    I tried Upstairs 2 tonight in West LA.

    You should check it out. They’ve got everything a MotherDrucker needs: a creative, delicious (and affordable) menu, decent desserts, no shortage of alcohol, and a cute bartender.

    What’s really cool is that the menu is sorted by type of wine. Dishes that pair well are listed beneath them. They even have their own sommolier, for God’s sake!

    Do the DineLA menu for $34, and add the 3-glass wine pairing on for another $20.

    • debra

      um, HELLO ms sportie — next time you’re wining and dining, remember to invite your mother!! 🙂 i’m kidding. but seriously, that place sounds amazing! thanks so much for the awesome tip and please keep them coming!

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