Druck Day Afternoon

Because my parents are so devoted to their mixed-breed dog, I got them the BioPet Vet Lab DNA Breed Identification Kit for Christmas this year.

His breed has been an ongoing topic of discussion, given his unique shape. (Long back, short legs, big feet.) He looks like a dachshund und a German Shepherd had zum hanken panken, und ach de lieber! Jack vas born. Since I can’t seem to locate an online picture of the mutt himself, this is a close approximation:

Not Jack! But a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Jack has sweet, soft ears that flop over — but other than that, this dog could pass for him in a criminal line-up to see who’s been eating the garbage. And what breed do we think this pup might be? Well, $60, one cheek swab and two weeks later, we were told that Jack is:

30% German Short Haired Pointer

30% Great Dane!!!!!

30% Pekingese

The great dane seems more likely.

10% Dachshund

10% Shi Tsu (properly spelled Shih Tzu, according to AKC)

I left in my mom’s exclamation points next to Great Dane because they are AWESOME. But like a Basset Hound wearing a Sherlock Holmes costume, I feel compelled to sniff out the truth, here — and in all honesty, I’m skeptical.

Now, my Dad’s a bit of an expert on DNA. It’s hard to argue with a PhD in biochem and years of genetic research. But if Jack isn’t at least part German Shepherd, I’m checking my own ancestry for a trace of pygmy goat. (And hello, BioPet? Learn to spell shitzu. Tharnk yus.)

That said, it’s been great fun, this discovery process, and MORE than worth the 60 bones. Find out what your mutt is and tell me all about it! WOOF!



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2 responses to “Druck Day Afternoon

  1. Tanya

    haha! To Betty’s exclaimation points! Funny post, and the dog galloping towards you in the photo made me smile.
    Thanks for being your wonderful self Debrauuuuuugh!

    • debra

      thanks for reading, dolly!!!! 🙂 you are one of the few people who actually know how well those exclamation points represent my mom’s actual level of enthusiasm. miss you!!!!

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