Fried Green Druckers in Washington DC

Sorry I’ve been MIA, my friends. I was in Washington DC visiting my friend Lento and his family. While I was there, he introduced me to “Que Hora Es,” the Mexican soap opera for people who took three weeks of Spanish in the fourth grade:

He also introduced me to Georgia Brown’s, an upscale DC eatery specializing in low-country cooking. I liked it. I like almost any place with super-friendly service and all the cornbread and biscuits you can eat. They also offer these highly addictive fried green tomatoes:

This pic's small but perfectly formed.

This one's bigger, but lacks finesse. So which do we prefer? Ladies?

These tomatoes — stuffed with an herbed goat cheese atop a bed of green tomato relish finished with green onion mayo — are to-die-for yum. The mac and cheese I scraped/licked off Baby Lento’s plate was decadent too, if a bit oily.

There were some misses, like the deviled eggs. Yawn. My mom’s are SO much better! And my fried chicken was dry enough to have died of natural causes. (Sorry Lento! Forgiva-me, por favor.)

But I would go back for the tomatoes alone! If you have a recipe, please share. And if you have a production company, can we please make the French version of “Que Hora Es,” entitled, “Et Voila! Une Cabine Telephonique” Translation, “And Here Is A Phone Booth.” Merci.

Finally two quick, but KEY shout-outs: Happy birthday to my favorite little person in the whole wide world. You know who you are! And congrats to the Saints on their well-deserved Super Bowl berth. Who DAT, indeed.


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