A Good Druckin Hotel in San Francisco

MAXIMO! Tell me you love me.

I refuse to whine on about my unrelenting illness. Instead, I will recommend the Hotel Rex (aka Sexy Rexy) in San Fran’s Union Square. Pal Brooke and I stayed there last weekend and loved it. Maximo, above, belongs to the super-friendly concierge, who will take your picture and put it on Maximo’s very own Facebook page. CHARMING!

The lobby lounge/bar is full of antique books, fascinating portraiture, flattering lamplight, and comfy furnishings. They even had a pretty singer purring Spanish love songs Friday night, making it the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous. CLANDESTINE!

As for our room, it wasn’t big, but what it lacked in size, it made up in character. And the hearty breakfast we had at the hotel’s own Café Andrée was wonderful, if a bit spendy. Plus, I’m fairly certain that you’re never more than 20 yards away from a Starbucks, no matter which direction you turn. CONVENIENT!

Hey is that my twenty?

All this for $150/night, on New Year’s weekend! Not bad. One small but serious quibble: this neighborhood has NO sports bars. I had to get the play-by-play on what turned out to be a THRILLING Outback Bowl from my cousin Linds. I did find good craic at the friendly Irish pub Johnny Foley’s. But no football. CONUNDRUM!

Have a happy, healthy weekend. And if I am not better by Sunday, there will be hell to pay. CONNIPTION!



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4 responses to “A Good Druckin Hotel in San Francisco

  1. Next time you’re in town, feel free to stay at The Mountain Resort™ in beautiful non-downtown Los Gatos. Free!

    We even have pets!


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