California is for Druckers

'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.

Hello my little Druckers; I missed you! This has to be a short post because I spent the entire morning in purgatory, otherwise known as LA Metro traffic court. The great state of CA is apparently bailing itself out by issuing as many citations/parking violations as possible (mine was for going 43 in a 35) and legalizing marijuana. Which will inevitably result in more citations for stoned drivers, as well as more parking violations in front of mini-marts and Pizza Huts.

HOWEVER. Went for a hike yesterday in Will Rogers State Park with pals Kate and Kristi, and we hit Inspiration Point just around sunset. As we stood there, caressed by balmy ocean breezes, looking out at a clear sky over the city we fondly call home and the deep blue sea beyond, we shared a moment of gratitude that we live here. Now. In a place where many people would feel lucky to spend a few warm January days. Beautiful, infuriating, intoxicating CA. (Wonder if anyone has ever felt that way about me. Is it wrong that I’d be flattered?)

Wow, here I go getting all DEEP so early in the year! More levity manana, I promise. Is it me, or does the biggest case of the Mondays come right after the holidays are officially over and the free-flow of snacks in the office kitchen comes to a screeching halt? More caffeine and Advil, stat.



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3 responses to “California is for Druckers

  1. Christelle

    Very nice! I call those heartwarming moments my “CA epiphanies” 🙂
    Hope you’re officially feeling better… California is certainly better enjoyed without a cold!

  2. I want to be invited to some of these fabulous outings! Did I become chopped livah?

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