Is That Will Ferrell? What the Druck?

Will Ferrell does wedding announcements! If I only had a groom...

Thanks to awesome new friend Ava, I was alerted to this fantastic New York Times wedding announcement. How great is that?! After a thwarted attempt to watch Elf this weekend (the DVD player wasn’t working), I feel comforted by Farrell’s sweet, oblivious expression in this picture. Like, ‘Oh, are we taking pictures now? I LOVE pictures! CHEEEEEEEESE.’

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

In other news, the Bears play the Vikings tonight in what promises to be one of the more disappointing Monday Night Football contests of the year. Last night on Sportscenter, ESPN tried to polish this pig by talking up the Vikes without a mention of Chicago, as if it would be better for all concerned if the Bears weren’t even there and the Vikes could just scrimmage, Favre’s team against Childers team. (Winner gets to coach the playoffs.)

At the end of the segment, they finally felt compelled to mention the Bears. And what did they say? “…Chicago, who just isn’t playing good football this year.” Can I get an amen?



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4 responses to “Is That Will Ferrell? What the Druck?

  1. Wait. So WWill FFerrell and Brett Farvrege are getting married? I’m going to bed now.

  2. New Friend

    I love it!

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