Bears Druck the Raven, Nevermore

This pic gives new meaning to the term, "head up your ass."

Are you okay, Annie? Introducing Jay Cutler, crash dummy. I have maintained and will continue to maintain that Cutler’s greatest gift to the Bears is his youthful resiliency; his ability to stand back up again after getting hit a millisecond after the snap.

But there are signs that the tide is about to turn. According to the Trib, the media/fans are ganging up on Bears GM Jerry Angelo, causing him to distance himself from Lovie faster than McCain could distance himself from Dubya. There are Shanahan noises. I’ll believe it when I see it.

And Dallas smeared the polish on the Saints perfect season, but that’s okay. This article by ESPN’s aptly named Wright Thompson is one of the most beautiful pieces of journalism you’ll ever read, let alone sports journalism. Strange and beautiful times, indeed.

Finally, to follow up on Santas be sketchy, we have pal Adra to thank for this:

As weird as it is AWESOME.

Between the Bears, Mr. T & Naughty Nancy, there’s really not much left to be said. FRUITCAKE. Oh, I guess there was something after all.


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