A Druckin Disclaimer & Santas Be Sketchy

DISCLAIMER: I have a solid number of AWESOME parents who read this blog — funny, hip, happy parents — and I sincerely hope they’ll take this post with a grain of salt, a dry martini and maybe even a valium, because this is DRUCKIN FUNNY:

Thanks to my amazing pal Aury for this link, who, perhaps not surprisingly, has no children herself. (She does have a FAB dog, though! And, someday, God willing, a daughter named Panda.) I had to really think about what stfuparents meant. Maybe if it were shut the DRUCK up?

And then there’s this:

New meaning to the term Santa Claws.

I just like saying “Santas be sketchy,” over and over. Maybe I will make it my new, “$hit happens.” For example:

Pal Adra: Mother Drucker. I just got rear-ended on Sunset.
MD: Well, Adra, Santas be sketchy.

I had a fantastic dinner with my pal Heather over by dat Belle Gray and she showed me gorgeous bracelets from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow, but those will have to wait for next week. In the meantime, hopefully these blogs made your belly shake like a bowlful o’ jelly. (SEE?! That even SOUNDS sketchy!)

OH WAIT! One last thing. I know at least one of my readers (Jeff) will appreciate last night’s AWESOME star sighting. At Ralph’s Supermarket in Sherman Oaks. In the deli section. I’m not even gonna say the name. I’m just gonna say, “Little Boy Blue. He needed the money.



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