It Ain’t Cheap to Get Drucked Up at R&D in SM

Enjoy the view! It's the only thing that's free at R&D.

This lovely, wide-open space is NOT what R&D Kitchen on Montana felt like last night. Thisiswhatitfeltlike. Crazycrowded. HELLOpeopleit’sWednesdayandweareinarecession. Gothedruckhome!

But I kid. The more the merrier! Unless you’re that geriatric jerkstore at the bar, who, upon meeting my beautiful, charming Parisian friend Christelle, immediately asked her if she was arrogant, like all French people. He followed this comment with “Some of my best friends are French.” Really, dude? Some Americans are ethnocentric, ignorant, self-entitled sleazebuckets. (But some of my best friends are Americans! So it’s okay.)

Wow. Someone woke up with a bone to pick this morning, mais oui? Enough! Let’s look at something pretty:

Thank you hungrybella for the pic. Loveyoumeanit!

I did not have this $18 Seared Ahi Tuna Salad, but all three of my lovely tablemates did, and they made swooning, sweet love to each mouthful. I didn’t try the burger because the holidays are breaking me (Santa don’t come cheap) but I saw it go by and it looked UH-MAZING. Next time!

Our cozy four-top was in the window, looking out at foot traffic on fancy-pants Montana Ave, and aside from the laughably over-priced cocktails ($17 with tip for Kate’s lychee martini!), I thoroughly enjoyed R&D and would go back for the burger, and to see my girls loving that salad. G-rated food porn! Gotta love it.


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