Druckin Vodkies & Latkes at Akasha in Culver


Hi! Can you guess who took this picture of delightful Akasha goodies? Was it…  random Flickr person? Nooo. Was it… an awesome photog pal like Nikola or Lorenzo? Nooo. Have you guessed yet?! IT WAS ME!!!! I took a picture that doesn’t completely suck! Go ahead and do a little happy dance in your kitchen, cube or coffee shop. I’ll join you! WOO HOO!

This eco-friendly loft-space in Culver City is a bakery, bar and restaurant owned by chef and caterer-to-the-stars, Akasha Richmond. (Clients include Michael Jackson and Bahbahra Streisand, to name a few.) Organic, locally-sourced ingredients. LIQUOR LICENSE.

Went last night with amazingly talented painter pal Gus (who is rapidly gaining a rep as artist-to-the-stars), and got a Pumpkin Pie cocktail, vanilla vodka, pumpkin vodka (!!!), splash of soy Silk, lots of pumpkin spices, graham cracker rim. YUM. They are running a Hannukah promo now with TRU vodka that involves tree-planting. It’s called vodkas and latkes.

Akasha's "$14 Boring Burger." Coming soon to a Carl's Jr near you.

But I did not order brisket. I got the burger, the beef kind. (I suspect that the pilfered pic above is their veggie version.) Niman Ranch beef, to be exact. I ordered medium. It was overcooked, crumbly and dry. No pink. Gray. (What a waste of a humanely treated cow.)

But the side salad was inspired, simply dressed with olive oil and vinegar and a crunchy sprinkling of sea or kosher salt — a technique I fully intend to steal and pass off as my own.

And hey, speaking of Jews — check out the Christmas Eve Schmooz-a-Palooza at House of Jews on Sunset! I’m not sure it’s worth $25 just to get in the door, but you might get lucky and meet a mensch under the menorah. I get verklempt just thinking about it!



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4 responses to “Druckin Vodkies & Latkes at Akasha in Culver

  1. I want that cocktail! Minus the soy milk. ; )

    • debra

      i know! i wish i took a picture, it was so pretty — and that sprinkling of spice on top, mmm a treat for my nose and my tummy. 🙂

  2. I am going to share with you the simplest, best, easiest homemade salad dressing I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming, courtesy of the only Pakistani/Texan/Canadian woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of … dining … with.

    Natasha’s EZ PZ Lemon Squeezy Salad Dressing
    lemon juice (1/4 small lemon for a salad for 2 people)
    olive oil
    salt and pepper (kosher salt…even better!)

    Toss really well. Experimenting to find the right balance for your taste is key. I’ve found that a little more salt and a little more oil than you think would be necessary is good if the salad is the main entrée. Sometimes if the entrée is creamy or cheesy I add more lemon; if the entree is not spicy, I might add some dry mustard and/or garlic powder.

    • debra

      thanks for that, rob! (i edited it just a bit to make it shorter — hopefully more people will be inspired to make it!) 🙂 my persian pals make this same dressing, and it is delicious indeed. yay food!

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