Sunday Druckin Funday at Q’s Billiards

Balls, burgers, boys and booze. Oh yes. I'll be back.

Do the Bears even merit a mention? Yes, they kept up with the Packers, and managed not to suffer a humiliating 48-0 shut-out. But most of the Packers errors occurred when there was nary a Bear in sight. (Falling, dropping, sliding, etc.) So really, Chicago weather and the un-domed Soldier Field deserve all the credit. Go, weather, go.

Luckily, I was warm and cozy in a booth at Q’s Billiards, with my own private TV upon which to watch Cutler throw more picks than you’d see on a platter of cocktail weenies. I have long been a fan of Q’s for football Sundays. The breakfast and burgers (lunch starts at 11:30) are perfectly acceptable, the nachos look and smell amazing (I almost grabbed one off of a Packer fan’s plate when he wasn’t looking) and they even have coffee with little French Vanilla creamer-food.

But it’s the eye-candy that brings you back. Guys of all ages, relaxed, comfortable in their natural habitat, watching a two-story wall of TVs, hoping to be the fantasy football king. And ladies, you gotta love your odds — men outnumber women on Sunday mornings by a ration of like, 20-1.

So, where's the unemployment line for millionaires?

As for these two BUMS (my Dad always says that, LOVE it!), gentlemen, it’s time to go. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.



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4 responses to “Sunday Druckin Funday at Q’s Billiards

  1. Jeff K

    I’ve had it with Lovie Smith…he’s gotta go! I don’t completely blame Cutler. He’s got no support whatsoever. our offensive line is OFFENSIVE!

    • debra

      AMEN MY BROTHER! šŸ™‚ agreed about cutler. he has a nanosecond to throw before they get to him, and he’s always getting hit. at least he doesn’t seem injury prone!

  2. 20:1 ratio of men to women? That sounds like the bay area.

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