Now That’s Druckin Festive

Happy Friday, little Druckers! First order of business — a GINORMOUS, circus-tent-sized thank you to the super-lovely Lisa Rinna for tweeting about my Belle Gray post! And welcome to any new drucklings who were nice enough to come back for more. I reply to every comment so don’t hesitate to talk to me! (Please! I’m lonely and Tiger has stopped calling, for some reason…)

Second order of business:

Come to Momma.

When I lived in Dublin, a “hot whiskey” was the Irish equivalent of “penicillin.” When I caught a head cold, it was prescribed by co-workers, friends and an actual doctor. (See why I LOVE this country?!)

It ‘s a comforting cure-all for anything that ails you, from paper cuts to postpartum depression. Often called simply a “hot toddy” in the U.S., its lemony cloud of clove-scented steam will indeed clear your sinuses and lift your spirits. Especially if you make it with Jameson.

Recipes on the Internets abound, like this one here and here, but I just wing it: Find cup with handle. Squeeze in fresh lemon juice. Add sugar or honey (about a teaspoon? I like mine suh-weet). Pour in a shot (or more) of Irish whiskey. Place clove-studded lemon slice in cup. Fill cup with boiling water. Feel better, regardless of whether or not you were sick in the first place.

Here’s hoping all your teams WIN this weekend, and that all your toddies are hot ones. See you Monday!


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