Cozy the Druck up to Cashmere from Belle Gray

NOT, I repeat, NOT a stack of rainbow-hued Sham-Wow.

In the winter (yes, LA has winter), I get the urge to wrap myself in something warm and comforting. And if it can’t be a MAN (sigh), this gorgeous cashmere shawl from Belle Gray in Sherman Oaks has to be the next best thing. Had dinner with amazing pal Heather last night at 8 oz Burger Bar (DIVINE) and when she told me about these, I knew I had to sit down with a warm mug of cozy and share them with you.

These glamorous multi-taskers measure 22×80 inches, and Heather calls them the perfect travel companion. She says you can roll them up and use them as a pillow, use them in place of those gnarly airplane blankets (mine always comes with at least one wiry black hair, EW) and she didn’t say this — but I read on the Internets that they make fancy hooter-hiders for breast-feeding moms, too. Little pricey at around $200, but not bad for 100% pure cashmere.

Dudes, how much work would you get done if your boss looked like this?

The shop (and the Belle Gray label) are owned by the lovely Lisa Rinna (above), and I kind of feel like we’re friends because we both swear by Kate Somerville facials. So it’s cool if I tell people that we’re pals, right Lis?

Hooray for COZY! And hooray for almost druckin Friday. The weekend can’t get here fast enough!



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2 responses to “Cozy the Druck up to Cashmere from Belle Gray

  1. If my boss looked like that, I’d be that much more motivated to come in to work every day in the hope of being sexually harassed.

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