The Daily Pint in SM and What the Druck to Do While Waiting to Be Rescued

This SC fan made a Jenga Coliseum. Think his Dad should've worn a Trojan?

WAIT. STOP THE MOTHER DRUCKIN PRESSES. THE DAILY PINT HAS JENGA?!! WHAT the DRUCK?! WHERE?! Pal Brooke and I stopped by last night and bless them, in addition to their 150+ bottles, 33 taps, and 3 beer engines, they have VODKA. (Evidently I’m in the mood to stroke my CAPS LOCK key.)

She drank $2 sodas and I drank $8 vodka tonics, a BARGAIN in pricey SM. We took a lap, admired the fun shuffleboard, foosball and pool tables, and jealously watched two dudes devour a pizza. (The Pint has no food menu but you’re free to order in.) For a Tuesday night, it was a lively all-ages crowd. But we never saw no stinkin’ JENGA. NEXT TIME!

Click and scroll to #4.

Thanks for this bit ‘o levity, Ms. Briana, and thanks, U.S. government, for creating these well-intentioned anti-terrorism pictures that can be comically misinterpreted by bored creative types like me. I would’ve included the caption above, but it’s NSFMM. (That stands for “Not Safe for My Mom.”) There are some f-bombs and general sexy silliness. ENJOY.


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