Bears Pick on the Druckin Fat Kid, While a Cute Kid Explains it All

Dear Rams, thanks for giving Lovie a "W." Wish that stood for "Wedgie."

Remember in high school when we had to read “Lord of the Flies,” a morality fable that tells us that it’s wrong to kill Piggy the fat kid just because you can? Well. The Bears kicked Piggy’s ass on Sunday and celebrated like they’d beaten the Colts, Saints and Vikes combined. Really? You’re gonna do a victory dance because you stole the fat kid’s lunch money?

The sad, useless Rams are 1 – 11. The poorly coached, pathetic 2009 Bears are 5-7, and after next Sunday’s inevitable loss against the Packers, they’ll be 5-8. Lovie will win just enough games to allow the miserly McCaskey family to justify keeping him through 2011, and Turner (offensive coordinator) will be the sacrificial lamb in the interim.  Sigh.

So if this can’t be our year (and it obviously isn’t), who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?! (Yep, that’s me on the bandwagon — with a plate of beignets in one hand and a Hurricane in the other.) Haters, bring it on.

In other news, my awesome friend Phil made this adorable 3 min film, “Child Psychology.”

So much cuter than your average therapist.

It’s a cheery, charming way to start off a rainy Monday in LA, or a sunny one in Cabo. (Right, my imaginary celebrity readers? Britney? Mary-Kate? Angie?) See y’all tomorrow! Yes, yes TomKat. You too.



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4 responses to “Bears Pick on the Druckin Fat Kid, While a Cute Kid Explains it All

  1. Hurricane’s are a pathetic excuse for a drink when compared with New Orleans’s own Hand Grenade or the less well-known but equally surreptitiously intoxicating and aptly named Zombie.

    • debra

      Thanks for making it even harder for me to stay out of the Big Easy! 🙂 I’ll look forward to trying those (and a Sazerac!) next time I’m there.

  2. Jeff K

    I was at the bears game last Sunday and let me tell you; they are completely pathetic. Lovie needs to pack his bags!

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