A Sincere Apology, and Shop for A Good Druckin Cause

i can has cheezburger?

Mother drucklings, mea culpa. In my earnest desire to entertain you with my wit and cunning, I stumbled down a dark and disgusting path yesterday, and I sincerely apologize. In the vein of ‘if thine eye doth offend thee, pluck it out rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire,’ (thanks, Bible study!) I have removed the lascivious, innuendo-laden post and replaced it with the image above in the hopes of winning back both my family readers and my mom.

This is a blog about food, and drinks, and good times, and Da Bears. It’s not about sailors, or working blue because I’m lazy, or any kind of porn except the food kind. So in keeping with my new commitment to Mother Drucker’s Family Show, I’d like to point any/all Angeleno drucklings in the direction of Divine Design, happening this weekend in beautiful Beverly Hills, and benefiting the hugely important non-profit org, Project Angel Food:

Shop for the holidays, support Project Angel Food, go, fight, WIN!

There are a plethora of designers offering HUGE discounts — think of the savings in Hanky Pankys alone, ladies! — for home, gifts, beauty and fashion. Tickets are $25, and the site offers you a $10 off coupon, so really it’s $15. Not much when you consider all the good that Project Angel Food does, delivering food to Angelenos of all ages debilitated by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.

I have a crazy weekend so I think I’ll go Monday at lunch to peck at whatever crumbs the real fashionistas have left behind. (A size 0 here, and a make-up stained blouse there.) Let me know if you wanna come! G-rated fun, I promise. (Okay, MAYYYYBEE PG. I MUST mock a good camel-toe when I see one. But that’s as far as it goes! Pinky swear.)



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4 responses to “A Sincere Apology, and Shop for A Good Druckin Cause

  1. monday is always the BEST at this sale – go early in the AM – be first in line. everything is 90% off and there is always something good left.

    see you there!


  2. Now you’ve made me feel bad for participating in your “lascivious, innuendo-laden post”.

    And I was just trying to point out a good coffee cake.

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