Bears Romancing Cowher? And Peanut is Druckin Sweet

Bear fans will Cowher with JOY if he comes to Chicago. Yes. I made a bad pun.

I love it that when I search for Bill Cowher, the Google auto-fill offers up “Bill Cowher Chin.” I love that he plays the game with passion and bone-crushing physical intensity. And I love that Cowher has a mustache, like Ditka:

Best. Poster. Ever.

Awesome pal Phil forwarded this to me and it made my morning:
According to 670 The Score in Chicago, the Bears recently reached out to CBS analyst Bill Cowher to gauge his interest in the team’s head-coaching job should Lovie Smith be fired.

Who knows if the rumors are true. But like every rumor from Tom Cruise’s gayness to President George Bush’s “alleged” stupidity, they have to start somewhere. So I will quietly, fervently, pray that Cowher and his mustache will come to Chicago — if not as DA COACH — at least as DA CHIN.

IN THE MEANTIME, I would like to offer a shout-out to one of the unsung heroes of the Bears sucky 2009 season: Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman.

We love you, Peanut. Oh yes. We do.

Thank you, Mr. Tillman, for showing up to work every week, in spite of the fact that no one but you seems to give a damn. For giving chase when the rest of the defense has clearly given up on the season. For being a 2008 Brian Piccolo Award winner with his own charitable foundation — as well as a passionate, loving father ready to do anything to save your baby girl. You make me proud to be a Bears fan. And this year, that’s really saying something.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It’s good to be back. Let the dieting begin!



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2 responses to “Bears Romancing Cowher? And Peanut is Druckin Sweet

  1. Chi

    you can’t get Cowher. he needs to get paid by Dan Snyder next year

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