Keep Yer Druckin Pants On!


Oh my little Drucklings. We have so much to discuss! Let’s start with 8oz Burger Bar on Melrose in LA, shall we? First of all, real whipped cream on my Irish coffee, the kind that spoons, not the kind that squirts. (Innuendo FULLY intended. Enjoy!) Second, adorable, friendly and FUN staff, including a particularly tasty Texan tending bar.

And third, Kobe beef mini corn dogs? Short-rib grilled cheese panini? Half-pound burgers made with juicy, humanely-raised (ergo guilt-free) American beef?! SOLD. Also worth a mention, pal Tom’s cool, creamy Pumpkin Ginger Shake. Your pie is in my shake! My shake is in your pie! You see where I’m going with this.

Pants? I don't need no stinkin pants!

Now, Mother Drucker rarely posts pics of herself, though she’s certainly not above speaking in the third person, like Bob Dole. (Remember him?) But after a night out with awesome pal Han and her crew, enjoying the fab happy hour specials at 8oz (try the ginger-spiked Moscow Mule), I am in the mood to mock my drunk-ass self.

If I were only getting out of a limo at an awards ceremony/Maxim party/envelope opening, I would be prime fodder for a paparazzi panty-flash. Guess I’m a real LA girl now! And speaking of LA girls, my cool, super-connected journo pal over at Pocket Lint says there’s a sale at Barneys Co-op.

You're the one that I want. Ooh ooh ooh, honey.

Wait, why are you still reading? GO. And may the cashmere be with you. Have a great weekend! GO BEARS!


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