Lesbian Yellow Sour Fruit, and Mao’s Druckin Blows

See what I did? I did that thing that’s so popular on college campuses, where you put up a poster that says “SEX” in huge letters, then in small type it says “Now that I’ve got your attention, come to our vegan rally at the Rock. Tofu goodies will be served!” So here are your tofu goodies, stolen from a poor unsuspecting Flickrite, as per yoush:

Beans means Mao's. Or not.

Pal Brooke and I made a pilgrimage to Mao’s Kitchen in Venice, CA and to be honest, we were underwhelmed. We had kung pao chicken with too much sugar and not enough heat, and bland, boring lettuce cups that left me longing for P.F. Chang’s yummy version. (My foodie fans may be horrified, but whatevs! I grew up in the suburbs! I worked at TGI Friday’s one summer, for goodness sake. What up, Lombard, IL!)

For dessert, I wanted to share the first 30 seconds of last week’s 30 Rock, which is where I got the inspiration for this post’s title. (“Man No Good, by Lesbian Yellow Sour Fruit.”) But I just learned that I have to pay WordPress $59.95 for the privilege of embedding videos, which is probably fair enough considering they give me plenty for free. (Apologies for the annoying Verizon commercial that precedes the clip.)

Now this has me wondering, what would the Chinese knock-off version Mother Drucker be? Lady Parent Almost Dirty Word? As always, your suggestions are welcome and appreciated.



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3 responses to “Lesbian Yellow Sour Fruit, and Mao’s Druckin Blows

  1. Christelle

    $59.95 to embed videos? Blogger.com would be just as happy to host your great blog… Google ads included! Love, love, love 30 Rock. By the way, you still managed to make your beans look yummy… and kind of sensual, too! Hmm, does that make you a talented photographer as well?

    • debra

      hahaha it makes me a good thief! if you click on the pic, it takes you to the nice flickr person from whom i borrowed this sexy image. (this makes it feel more like borrow and less like steal. 🙂 i am a piss-poor photog, the WORST, actually. are you good at it? if so, we need to go to dinner more often and you must bring your camera!

      thank you for reading ma cher amie!

  2. Christelle

    Of course! I should have clicked on the pic first… Well, the pictures you “borrow” prove you have a good eye regardless! I take decent pictures, but I more importantly have good connections in the world of photography (starting with my sister, who’s a fashion photographer in Las Vegas). I’ll be sure to bring my camera on our next outing, though… Might get a priceless shot of you in the ice rink!

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