A Druckin Sweet Weekend

Best thing to come outta PA since Joe Pa.

Lots of birthdays last weekend, so shout-outs to you ladies, you know who you are. I made the cupcakes above (thanks, Hershey’s!) and feel like I may need a chocolate-frosting intervention at this point. We celebrated at a house party and at O’Brien’s on Wilshire and I did not eat there but Jaysus, Mary and Joseph look at this cheeseburger:

And the craic is good, too.

My Irish coffee was sweet, creamy perfection and cheeky Willie, the bartender (owner?) from Cork had me in bits laughin’, as my pal Lisa would say. I even traded him a cupcake for a Cadbury’s Wispa bar, SCORE. And per our conversation, Willie — Wispas ARE good. But sex is better.

Can’t find a website for O’Brien’s anywhere (get with the program, ya plonkers it’s 2009!) but the link is to Yelp which will get you there just fine.

I’m having a fairly miserable Monday, but I feel confident that this man’s is worse:

A tough druckin' case of the Mondays.

And let’s just leave it at that. See you tomorrow!


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