Druck the Lovie You’re With


"Rex is our quarterback."

I put this picture up to remind everyone that Lovie Smith has a history of backing the wrong man, something that didn’t matter as much when the Bears defense didn’t SUCK ASS. (Thanks to Ron Rivera, a former ’85 Bear and all-around awesome defensive coordinator that Lovie in his superior wisdom summarily dismissed in favor of his old crony from back in their Rams days, dorkapottamus Bob Babich.)


No chin, no WIN.

It’s hard to tell who will be/won’t be a great coach in the long haul, because like any successful production, Super Bowl teams are just that — a TEAM, a collaborative effort from the waterboy to the quarterback. (For reference, see 2009 New Orleans Saints.) Even some of the great coaches, paired with bad/apathetic/miserly upper management, can stumble. But why do we keep recycling crap coaches? Why not try someone NEW?! Look at how great Tony Dungy’s replacement is doing, for example. (A Dungy disciple, given.) And that kid in Denver (with Kyle Orton, pride of Purdue, at QB, no less!) is sure exciting to watch.

I know, I’m dreaming here. The Bears owe Lovie $11 million through (ironically enough) 2011, and firing him would be even more expensive than that. We’re druckin stuck with him. And when Cutler throws five interceptions, Forte gets nowhere fast and Hester quite literally falls flat on his face, there’s plenty of blame to spread around. But I go back to horrible play-calling (thanks, Ron Turner!) and that unflappable stoic on the sidelines. Just not feeling the Lovie.

May all your teams win this weekend! See you Monday.


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One response to “Druck the Lovie You’re With

  1. Brody

    Good stuff Drucker. A lot of teams (Browns, Chargers, Redskins) are in that same high-priced/under-contract/not-wanted boat, but with so many coveted coaching candidates available or about to be available (Cowher, Shanahan, maybe Fisher), these teams better be ready to cut bait, pay the price & grab one of these coaches if they can.

    I know that goes against what you said regarding trying something/someone new, but there are exceptions and getting a Cowher/Shanahan/Fisher is, in my opinion, an exceptional exception.

    Also, I have a feeling the Bears organization will give Lovie at least one more season to prove his worth — which will probably take Chicago out of the running for the three coaching candidates I mentioned, but who knows who will be available there/then and maybe they will go for a some new wunderkind at that juncture.

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