There’s a Druck in the Yard, Santa Monica


Nice banner. I tend to prefer banners that say 'Go Cubs Go,' but that's me.

Several things I would like to tell The Yard, SM.

1. Nice Monday Night Football crowd of hot, presumably hetero cuties. Who left immediately when the game ended.

2. YOUR UNISEX BATHROOMS ARE FILTHY AND UNACCEPTABLE. No girl wants to gaze upon a nasty urinal when she sits down to business.

3. Our waitress never brought water or ketchup for the stingy portion of fries. It’s the little things. And Adra didn’t think your teensy portion of $14 scallops was all that. Or even half-a-THAT.

4. Even with your celebrity chef, Yardy Yard Yard:


Top Chef contender, CJ Jacobson

I give you a year, at best. You can, however, take heart in the fact that my predictions generally suck. When I saw Grease II back in 1980-what, I told my sister that Michelle Pfeiffer was just another blonde and that Maxwell Caulfield would have a long, lucrative career. So I could be wrong. But I doubt it.



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2 responses to “There’s a Druck in the Yard, Santa Monica

  1. MichaelP

    Sounds like you caught them on a bad night. I’m a local in SM, and I love this place.

    • debra

      hi there! i will def take your opinion to heart and give it another try. have you been to the daily pint in SM? i’ve heard good things, and mother drucker loves her some foosball… thanks for the comment! keep ’em coming!

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