Eden Druckin Dale in Silver Lake, plus OSCAR!


Thank you architect Brant Gordon, for your pic and your sexy soap star name.

If I can ever be prevailed upon to visit Silver Lake (and it’s even harder now that my beloved Intelligentsia Café has set up shop in Venice, West sayyeeed!), I’m always amazed by its little pockets of awesome. And like so many other pockets of awesome, I have my pal Adra to thank for introducing me to Edendale Grill.

I love this bar! It’s a converted firehouse from the ’20s, with many of the original fixtures intact and/or beautifully restored. It has a pretty patio with dancing strings of fairy lights but it was too COLD for that on Saturday night! (Okay, so I was wearing flip-flops and it was probably 59°. BUT STILL.)

They offered many ‘Prohibition Era’ cocktails (sooooo trendy right now) and I had an Irish coffee with REAL whipped cream — heavy, luscious, decadent and definitely NOT from a can. Typical Silver Lake crowd, meaning trendy hipsters with emo-hair. (Have you seen Pete Wentz lately, guys? Might be time for a trim.) Neighborhood people with kids who look too cool to be parents. Hostesses with kick-ass tatts. Oh and this lovely couple:


"I will command the mini-quiche waiter using only my mind. QUICHE. NOW."

Oscar Nunez and his wife Carla, with whom I had an impromptu paper-towel basketball game whilst in the loo. (She won, of course, she always does.) They were both lovely, and I just found out that he’s CUBAN, making him a full-on overnight bag of awesome instead of a mere pocket. VIVA OSCAR!



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3 responses to “Eden Druckin Dale in Silver Lake, plus OSCAR!

  1. Rob

    That’s funny. I just saw Oscar Nuñez in The Proposal, which was so much better than I was expecting. He was hilarious.

    You should try one of my grandfather’s martinis. He was alive during prohibition. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d actually started drinking during prohibition, for that matter.

    • debra

      no worries, thanks for reading! and i’m impressed with your use of the spanish ‘n’ symbol, the name for which i’ve clearly forgotten due to obliterating that particular set of brain cells somehow…

      • You kidding? You’re hilarious. I proposed marriage in an earlier email, but you smartly ignored me. 😉

        On macs, you get the tilda using option-n. So ñ = option-n n.

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