Another Dress that Says Druck Me

So here is my problem. I’m a girl. I like girlie dresses. I like to get dressed up in a girlie dress and insanely high heels and feel glamorous and sexy and special. But I live in LA. Where Juicy Couture sweats pass for suitable wedding and/or funeral attire.

Spanx not included.

Tried on this dress yesterday at French Connection, and even though the only way I could get it off me was with a shoehorn and a tub of Crisco®, it looked HOT. French Connection dresses (average price, $168) are popping up everywhere these days. In fact, I was inspired to visit FC in Santa Monica after reading my favorite source for breaking news, US Magazine.


Taylor Swift

Sept 15, 2009, making a Swift exit. (GROAN.)


As you can see from cutie-pie Taylor here, taken around the time of the now infamous VMA Kanye fiasco/thinly-veiled publicity stunt, two things: A. French Connection dresses are cute and B. girlfriend needs to indulge in a few more Double Doubles with Animal Fries. (If you haven’t had an In & Out Burger yet, get to CA — STAT.)

Since I don’t really do the Hollywood club scene and actually, these dresses are FAR more modest than the side-boob and crotch-flashing crowd tends to favor, where can a nice girl like me wear a slinky dress like this? My big weekend plan is to watch the Bears at Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach.


Picture 3

Now that's CLASS.

I think the dress will look great with my Bears scarf. And the electric blue might even match my frozen drink, BONUS! Happy Friday, everyone!




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6 responses to “Another Dress that Says Druck Me

  1. Rob

    Come to the bay area where sexy dresses and stilettos are still appreciated.

    We have In-n-Out Burger joints, too!

  2. Heather

    I love this blog!!!! As I sit at my desk at my fashion job in LA, wearing boots, jeans and a cardi – I’d love to wear high heels & a pencil skirt!

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