Good Sushi in a Druckin Strip Mall


Can't believe I've stooped low enough to steal someone's marriage proposal pic. I feel dirty.

I like the term ‘strip mall’ — it implies either an entire MALL of strippers (And why doesn’t such a thing exist?) or a place where you can check your clothes at the Panda Express and shop naked. But as Mother Drucker’s mother would say, that’s neither thither nor yon. We’re talking about sushi here, and in LA, a strip mall location practically guarantees fishy goodness.

Went to Hamasaku (Westwood-adjacent) last night with awesome pal Mark and found it to be DELISH. The menu items sound SO corny (the Liz Lemon Roll! The Charlize Theron taco!) that you can’t imagine how good they are going to be. It’s quite the celeb haunt; last time Mark went, he sat near Jessica Simpson‘s party. This time, the closest we came to star-spotting was a party of Zach Galifianakis look-alikes — a fan club, if you will. (I love him in The Hangover! If I could grow a beard, I’d join them!)

We were particularly charmed by the FOX Hand Roll — baked snow crab legs, rice and special dynamite sauce wrapped in soy paper. It comes in a shot glass and looks like a little ice cream cone. It’s warm and salty and creamy and satisfying, and like most things that fit that description, it’s over WAY too fast. Sigh.

I was going to leave you with a picture of me in my hot Halloween cowgirl outfit, but that seemed awfully narcissistic, so instead, I will leave you with a smile:


"Tigers hate pepper! They love cinnamon."


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