Too Much Druckin Information


She who disses Dominick's sleeps with the fishes.

I think, just for a giggle, we’ll try a limerick about Ye Olde Dominick’s Restaurant, here.

Should you dine at Dominick’s near WeHo
Be sure to sit on the patio
The scene is romantic
The pace isn’t frantic
But the food, sadly, only so-so.

Cool new friend Michael was primed and ready for a delicious dinner (he was comin’ in hot!) but an average bowl of fettuccine carbonara with far too much acrid, burnt-tasting pancetta really cooled his jets. It takes WORK to make bacon taste bad, people.

In the ‘Pro’ column, we didn’t have to wait for our table, my hangar steak was perfectly yummy and our waiter Chris was charming, attentive and well-informed. And the place was hopping with an all-ages crowd at 10pm on a Tuesday, not bad for LA, the city that always sleeps. Dom’s is prime star-sighting territory — I’ve seen Ellen Page (Juno) and Mindy Cohn (Facts of Life) there, though not in the same visit.


You take the good, you take the bad.

In case you’re wondering what Natalie’s been up to lately, here’s a druckin MEAN picture from TMZ, which I am too kind to show and not kind enough to resist a link. God, remember when we tried to braid each other’s hair like that? Frequently while in gym class, while we sat on the sweaty floor and listened to a visibly embarrassed track coach talk to us about the changes in our bodies. I know. That’s hot.


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