Happy as Druck at Mangiamo Ristorante

6-MBMangiamo [800x600] [640x480]

Does 'mangiamo' mean 'eat me' in Italian?

Isn’t that a happy California picture? In fact, I think they could change Manhattan Beach’s name to Happy, CA. Enjoyed a Grey Goose dirty martini (extra dirty) at Mangiamo’s last night followed by a great meal, a beautiful bottle of red and one of life’s rare treats — a conversation that you wish would never end. When you go (notice I say ‘when’ not ‘if’) be sure to request a table in the wine cellar:




It's a brick. House.

I had a lovely plate of fork-tender braised short ribs with perfectly seasoned root vegetables and a tasty tower of mashed potatoes which I tried to avoid, given last weekend’s overindulgence in baked ziti pizza. (Hush, Adra. It was worth it.)

So go forth and mangia! (Mangia me, mangia mo.) Have a wonderful weekend. GO BEARS!

Oh! One last thing! If you happen to be feeling festive this weekend and want to put out some decorative gourds (that sh!t is going to look so seasonal) check out this HYSTERICAL (that’s right, all caps) f-bomb laden essay from McSweeney’s and Colin Nissan. Thanks for the heads up, Amanda! And welcome to autumn, Druckfaces.


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