The Turdrucken of Pizzas



Oh yes they did.


Sorry I keep posting about food, but I ate a LOT of pizza in NYC and this one took the cake, the pie and the parmigiano. After fruitlessly searching online for a good half hour for ‘pasta on pizza’ and ‘penne on pizza,’ I finally solved the puzzle and met the new love of my life: baked ziti pizza.

Serious carb-on-carb-action. Kind of like the chips with cheese and bread stuffing I’d pick up on my way home from the pub in Dublin. Or a turducken, one would imagine. It’s too much of a good thing — and it’s wonderful. (Thank you, Mae West.) I ate it late-night (the horror! carbs at night!) three nights in a row and I’m already wondering where I’ll get my next fix here in LA.

When I told pal Adra about my pizza-crush, she said, “Oh Debra. No.” I say yes, Adra. YES.


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