Good Druckin Popovers at BLT Steak, NYC


Popover sometime.

I’m back, Druckers! Did you miss me?! My time in the Big Apple was only slightly marred by the Bears pathetic, humiliating loss to the Bengals. But the good news is, I got to try the vaguely football-shaped breadstuffs (how’s that for a transition?) at BLT Steak in NYC, and they were DIVINE.

They come to the table so warm that a puff of steam rises out of them as you break them open, revealing a tender, custardy heart. Butter melts into every airy pocket and runs down your chin with each satisfying crunch. It’s bread. It’s eggs. It’s so much greater than the sum of its parts. (And the Delmonico steak wasn’t bad, either.)

Daily Candy offers up the recipe here (I KNEW there was gruyere in there!) and I have a feeling, given a bad experience with a batch of gougeres, it’s a deceptively simple one. But if you’re feeling brave, give it a whirl. And if you end up with hard, flat hockey pucks or full-on lumps of concrete, please feel free to pelt this man with them:


"Why am I still here?"

Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll go away.


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