Josie and the DruckyCats

Some birds are better with bacon.

Some birds are better with bacon.

Oh, how I love the name Josie. It’s the name of pal Betsy’s daughter (one of the all-time great babies), and Josie and the Pussycats was one of my fave Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoons, back in the day. (The link is to their ORIGINAL 70s theme song. You’ll be singing it all day. You’re welcome.)

And Josie continues its winning streak with Josie’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. A pal and I dined there last night for the DineLA Restaurant Week prix-fixe menu, where we sampled the tasty quail dish above. What’s the story on quail etiquette? I picked up that Barbie-doll sized drumstick with my fingers and ate that sucker clean. Paging Miss Manners?

Here's Josie. But where are THE PUSSYCATS?

Here's Josie. But where are THE PUSSYCATS?

According to Josie’s website, they serve “progressive American cuisine influenced by France, the Mediterranean, and our local Farmers’ Markets,” and I think that sums up my experience well. The whole ‘farm to table’ thing, which is ubiquitous these days, strikes me as very Californian, very Chez Panisse. And I mean that in a very good way.

I like this place. Unpretentious, unfussy, nice wine list, nice waiter. The amuse bouche, a tease of decadent, buttery quiche with gruyere cheese was as tantalizing as a first kiss, and my pork steak over creamy grits had me licking my plate. This post is getting oddly sexy. It’s a good thing I’m leaving for New York this afternoon.

See you next Tuesday! Ha ha ha. But seriously. I will.


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