I Have Drucked the Village Idiot

Guinness is good for you. Vodka is better.

Guinness is good for you. Vodka is better.

Even after living in Ireland for a year, after countless attempts to conquer a pint of Guinness, including polluting it with Ribena blackcurrant syrup, which is how they serve it to CHILDREN, I never learned to like it. The good news is, The Village Idiot in West Hollywood also serves a beautiful mixed drink called “The Desperado,” for the bargain price of $11. Tequila, grapefruit juice (!!), agave syrup (low glycemic index=less guilt=more Desperados) and fresh lime juice.

Full frontal Village Idiot.

Full frontal Village Idiot.

It’s the epitome of the neighborhood bar. Plus, I’m told that it’s owned by an Aussie and a former Chicagoan, and if that’s not a winning combo, I don’t know what is. The big square tables in the window are perfect perches for people watching, giving you the ideal vantage point for checking out the talent both on the street and in the bar. Snag one if you can! (The table. And the talent.)

Met my lovely pal Han for Happy Hour there, and made a new friend — and fellow refugee from the frozen Midwest — Phil. He lives in the WeHo ‘hood and aptly described the V.I. as a Chicago-type bar meets… wait, what did you say Phil? After that last Desperado, everything is kind of a blur.


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  1. Brody

    I said VI reminds me of a Chicago joint crossed with a London pub — although one owner has ties to Chicago, but the other one to Australia, not England

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