“The Hills” are Alive with the Sound of Druckin



Hello! Meet Bodega, Kate’s favorite place for a casual weeknight wine and snack combo. I like it — fantastic Santa Monica location near Swingers and Bay Cities Deli, right off the 10. There are comfier seats but I often wind up rocking a stool (EW!?) which forces me to think about Pilates and good posture. BIG PROBLEM: NO VODKA. You’ve been warned.

Anyhoodle, the word ‘Bodega’ is apparently Spanish for wine-shop, but has come to mean an NYC corner market/deli, generally manned by brave, industrious Korean immigrants. I, for one, can’t hear it without thinking of the Paul Simon song, “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.” You?

While Ashley, Kate and I sipped wine and supped on pizza, the cast and crew of “The Hills” stopped by to film a date between Kristin Cavallari and a young man wearing what looked like capri pants and red-and-white striped kneesocks. (Top half hearthrob, bottom half rodeo clown.)

For your voyeuristic pleasure, here’s Ashley’s surreptitious pic of K.Cav, who is very, very pretty and very, VERY thin:

K. Cav, as stalked by Ashley, Kate and me.

K. Cav, as stalked by Ashley, Kate and me.

For reality TV, it was weird and not remotely realistic. Ashley had a camera behind her, inches from her pretty head. But we had to sign release forms, and we might be on the show, yay! So look for us. (No autographs, please.)


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