Falcons 21, Bears 14, A ClusterDruck in Atlanta

Matt Forte fumbles at the 1-yard line. (William DeShazer / Tribune)

Matt Forte fumbles at the 1-yard line. (William DeShazer / Tribune)

Everyone says Chicago fans are whiny, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately babies who alternately hate/love the team based on each weekly performance. While I believe myself and my loved ones to be true ‘die-hard’ fans (what does that mean, anyway?), I think there might be some truth to the above accusation.

So I am going to break away from my usual rant. I will NOT complain about chokeage, or Forte’s fumbles, or the goal-line stand where Forte looked like Superman in flight, hitting an invisible wall head-first and crumpling, accordion-style. I won’t complain about our offensive line, our defensive line, false starts by the usually fabulous Orlando Pace, or how Hester kick returns East/West instead of North/South.

No. I will instead say, not bad, Cutler. Way to take your chances on bruising your golden arm instead of sliding like most QBs do. Way to avoid getting sacked when our porous o-line are basically sellin’ you on the street corner for a dolla and some bad crack. And way to be better than just adequate. Now get back to the locker room, regroup, rethink and rearrange the Bengals faces for them next week. I BELIEVE.


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