A Serious Druckin’ Rush in Culver City

These chairs are made for Druckin. AND a stripper pole in back. SCORE.

These chairs are made for Druckin. AND a stripper pole in back. SCORE.

Ah, Rush Street in Culver City. You Windy City wannabe, you. You woo me with “Hot Dog Night.” You put pizza on the menu (tasty, thin-crust, veggie-laden Cali style pizza). Your website mentions your “Chicago vibe.” But Rushy (which comes scarily close to tushy), I knew Chicago. And you, my friend, are not even close.

That said, since Rush Street is literally in Mother Drucker’s front yard, I rarely think to write about it. But my love of vodka plus the path of least resistance often equals Rush Street (see? MATH!) so it’s worth a mention. Plus, it’s next door to the movie theater. Convenient!

Was there last night for an Ivy Plus Society (?) event, which was, as pal Briana described, douche-tastic. But four smart, sassy ladies sat at a table for an hour or two, ate, drank, giggled and glowed in the admittedly lovely light of the restaurant, and it was bliss.

Now that's Druckin CUTE.

Now that's Druckin CUTE.

We covered various and sundry topics from politics to a baby-lobster-in-a-pot Halloween costumes to Haiku poetry, so thank you, clever Ms. Arielle, for the perfect closing gem to this post:

haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

Open mouth, insert vodka.

Open mouth, insert vodka.

Thanks for the update, Amanda!


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