Drucktastic Thai Food in Culver City

Papaya salad at Natalee Thai.

Papaya salad at Natalee Thai.

Yum! Thank you to the gifted amateur photographer who unwittingly donated the pic above (I linked to you! Hope it’s cool!). I will ask for a real camera for Christmas, promise. In the meantime, I will enjoy tasty Thai treats at Natalee Thai in Culver City.

Went with pals Brooke and Kristi last night, and enjoyed the crisp, refreshing papaya salad above. (Pal Brooke says it’s mandatory to remove the salty, pungent shrimp. They are tiny. It takes a steady hand.) Hard to believe such a pretty, composed dish came from something as unwieldy as this:

Ready to be painted by Georgia O'Keefe.

Ready to be painted by Georgia O'Keefe.

That looks like the frog full o’eggs that I opened up in 9th grade biology. EW. Good thing the chefs at Natalee Thai are so handy with a cleaver, and great with pretty much everything else, too. I had a generous portion of spicy steak salad, not bad for just under $10.

I broke away from my usual fave, the ‘Nutty Chicken’, because I finally figured out why I love it so: It’s FULL of sugar. It’s basically the same ingredients you’d put in chicken nut brittle, if you were inclined to make such a thing. If you ever do make chicken nut brittle, please take a picture of it and post it on Flickr, so I can borrow it from you later. Thanks! Love you mean it.


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