The Druckin South

Everything's dirtier in the South.

Everything's dirtier in the South.

For a lil bit of Dixie in Santa Monica, head to South. We watched the poor Packers take a beating there last night at the hands (or horns) of the Vikings, and the only saving grace was delicious Southern favorites like fried green tomatoes and fresh beignets.

Service was VERY slow (45 minute wait for a pulled pork sandwich) and the place wasn’t too crowded, so I can only imagine what the wait for food would be on a Friday or Saturday. However, the relaxed vibe and the friendly barstaff create a laid-back, “What’s yer rush?” type atmosphere that temporarily distracts you from your rumbling tummy.

According to their website, a few of the owners are former actors, and Jason Patric was there last night looking FANTASTIC. Doesn’t anyone remember that he was the ORIGINAL sexy vampire in the 80s flick Lost Boys? (Both Coreys, Jamie Gertz, Kiefer Sutherland — if you haven’t seen it, get thee to your Netflix que, STAT.) But I digress.

And now I’m hungry for a shrimp po’boy. With a side of Jason Patric.


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