Bears Druck Up Da Lions!

Air Cutler!

Air Cutler!

What a game! In spite of my slightly conflicted emotions (poor Detroit) I am delighted with our badass QB (see above) and our faster-than-a-speeding bullet super-rookie, Johnny Knox!

Pal Brooke and I watched at O’Brien’s on Main, where the barstaff treats the customers like family and the bratwurst and kraut is FREE at halftime!! Plus, every touchdown brings a rousing rendition of DA BEAR SONG.

It’s funny, I get SO annoyed by the NY Jets ‘cheer’ (not sure how it goes, but it ends in Jets Jets Jets), and yet I never think about how silly the Bears song must be to rival fans. One time I asked a Cleveland Browns fan if he found us ridiculous. He said, and I quote. “Not really. I wish WE had a song.”

Anyway Pal Brooke was a bit pre-occupied because she got published in the New York Post! So it was a wonderful Sunday, all around.


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