Wax Like a Druck

"I even wax the tushie."

"I even wax the tushie."

This is Esther, the cutest, sweetest, most gentle follicular stylist you’ve ever seen. She’s waxin’ it old school, so she doesn’t have her own website, but you can read about her utter awesomeness on Yelp. She is one of three people in LA with an intimate knowledge of my innermost thighs, and I’m more than okay with that.

Her prices are CRAZY reasonable (bikini, leg and brow for $50!) and she leaves no hair unplucked. I have useless, naked-mole-rat type eyebrows and she manages to make them look natural and groomed at the same time. And effortless-looking arches are kinda the point with eyebrows, don’t you think?


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