Druckin Abbot Kinney

Tra la la.

Tra la la.

C’est moi, after a strong, creamy and positively decadent Irish coffee at Hal’s Bar & Grill in Venice, fabulous conversation with dear galpal Arianna, several naughty cigarettes and a vodka tonic. I feel like even if I DIDN’T tell you that, you could figure that all out just from looking at this picture. (Or at least come close. You might guess gin and tonic.) We met on ye olde AK so Ari could check out a nearby shop, Strange Invisible Perfumes, which she found to be stinky, visible and overpriced.

Our Hal’s binge was followed by Arianna’s slice of the famous salad pizza at Abbot’s Pizza Co., see pretty pic:

Pizzalad? Salizza?

Pizzalad? Salizza?

I’m not sure what the Internet protocol is about borrowing images from Flickr — is it okay as long as I link to the Flickr page and give this Smitty person photo credit?

Anyway, I ultimately sobered up with a plain soda water at the Brig, where our pal Josh (formerly of Buffalo Club) now tends bar. Every time I come to Abbot Kinney, I’m seized with the desire to live here, in this pocket of artsy urbane charm, just a stone’s throw from the sea and the dependably homogeneous nature of Santa Monica. Maybe one day.



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4 responses to “Druckin Abbot Kinney

  1. That was a good Druckin’ piece o’ pizza…

  2. Ms. Adra

    Wait, Josh is at the Brig now?? Miss that guy.

    On a related note, don’t you love how our favorite bartenders move on and we move right on with them? Josh at the Brig, Michael at Westside Tavern… I guess that’s it. But I’m sure there’ll be more!

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